This is the demo version of Plures Multi Statistic Tracker. Ips and referrer urls are partially hidden. Fell free to use this page to test your own website. [+info]

Plures is a multi website statistic tracker. It offers relevant traffic statistics of all your websites, listed together on the same page, just like that!


  • Relevant traffic statistics without complicating too much:
    Views; Visits; Unique visitors; Return Visitors/Visits (Genuine and Non Genuine); Referrers and keywords.

  • Fully customizable charts and tables with one-touch display control.

  • Skip your own pageviews (Ip or cookie).

  • Disabled Javascript Support.

  • Operative System and Browser Identification.

  • It only stores the list of unique users and the daily/monthly totals.

  • Real Time traffic statistics.

  • Real time "What's new/updated" statistics.

  • Password protected interface.

  • Secure Mysql Queries.


PHP >= 5.3
MySQL Database >= 4.1
Plures v1.1, Single User:

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